OSIS has been growing in all fields since its establishment in 2004. At the same time the company is continuously developing its structure in order to have all the activities covered.

Thanks to our Quality System, during these years we have established a company strong structure. Our main aim is to give the client the best and the fastest reply avoiding any delay during the process. All the company activities are supervised on a daily basis for our C.E.O., Mr. Andrew Cridge, and for our General Manager, Mr. Roberto Rodriguez,
taking the actions in the right time and giving the client what it is expected.

OSIS organization is based in three main areas: Technical, Operation and Financial:

  • • Technical: OSIS develops all the personnel training in order to have our personnel with the latest qualifications. We are constantly expanding our training program. We offer training courses and certification in collaboration with "Matthews Training Uk”.
  • • Operations: OSIS, thanks to the Operation Procedure, is in direct contact with all our inspectors worldwide. This is our main asset as this way we avoid delays in replying the client.
  • • Financial: This department takes care of all the company´s invoicing and accounting process.
Osis Inspection Services
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