Quality Policy

The quality policy reflects the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These commitments involve all the staff of the organization.

The Management of OSIS INSPECTION has defined the quality policy with the commitment to keep it up to date, disseminate it and review it periodically so that it is right at all times to the changes that occur in the Organization, the needs of customers, the demands of the parties concerned, legal compliance and the changing market situations , with continuous improvement, which adopts the following strategies and objectives as a formal expression of the policy of the Organization:

OSIS INSPECTION is a company dedicated to the provision of services of inspection, expediting and quality control worldwide.

• The main strategy of OSIS INSPECTION is quality and commitment to the fulfilment of the customer's requirements. All the activities that they undertake, planning processes, the points of view of the parties involved, the legal and regulatory requirements and new methods, must be recognized as a quality model that meets the expectations of the customer.

• The end of our commitment is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. In OSIS INSPECTION force us to get and keep your absolute confidence.

• All employees of OSIS INSPECTION must know and comply with the system of quality management and participate in its development and implementation.

• Continuous improvement should be applied and based on the indicators laid down in order to continually improve the effectiveness of the system of quality management.

• The adequate qualification of all employees is considered a strategic element of the quality policy.

The General Manager, as head of the Organization, is committed to implement the quality policy, to disseminate it and keep it up to date, as well as to take the necessary measures for its understanding by all staff, ensuring compliance and the provisions contained in the documentation that develops it (PC-03 procedures for the dissemination of the quality policy) periodically reviewing its implementation and effectiveness in order to promote continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

The quality policy is the basis for the establishment of goals and objectives and has been implemented through the system of quality management.
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